Hope in the Horizon: Fecal Transplants?

Hey Guys! I haven’t written in a few days, my heads been in a different place because of a recent break-up (oh, life). In the meantime I have been doing some research and getting feedback to put together a post about medical marijuana. For now, I want to share with you my conversations with my doctor lately and my new options for treatment.

These past few weeks as I noted in my pasts posts my Crohn’s has been flaring up, with very little options treatment wise in the horizon, you can imagine my frustration. But, I do still have some different trials on my mind. Taking my daily dose of Prednisone and emailing back and forth with my doctor in Boston he came to me with something very interesting. It is called a fecal transplant. The first thing that came to mind was, well, fecal aka poop, and transplant.. those two words didn’t exactly go together. But, yes it is exactly what you’re thinking, it is exactly how it sounds. My first conversation with my mom about this I was completely and utterly grossed out, as any normal person would be. Like what am I supposed to say, “hey can I have your poop?” HA! That is absolutely ridiculous!

I don’t know the exact process of this transplant, but they take a healthy “donors” fecal matter and put it inside my intestines. It is in theory supposed to replace the bad bacteria in the intestines. It would be done by a doctor in Boston and usually is done via colosocopy; I did find some doctors prefer to do it through an NG feeding tube. In doing research, the feedback I read from this process was absolutely astounding. This is usually used for treatment for C. Dif and had phenomenal results. Doctor’s believe it could actually induce remission in Crohn’s Disease.

I have to be off of my other medication, Stelara, for a certain period of time and be considered “clinically stable” to undergo the trial in Boston which means staying on Prednisone for a few weeks before. Because yes, this is still just a trial. It might scare some people going into different medical trials, but it excites me. There is so much new out there, so much doctors and researchers haven’t discovered. You can never lose hope with this disease. As many medications and treatments I have failed, I still have hope there will some day be something out there that will work for me. And in this case maybe being full of shit isn’t always a bad thing, it might just be the answer! 😉

2 thoughts on “Hope in the Horizon: Fecal Transplants?

  1. I’ve never heard of a fecal transplant being done for CD. If it works that would be awesome for you and every other person out there who has it.

    I hope you start to feel better soon!

  2. If I meet all the requirements I will be entered in the study and be able to get my transplant anytime after April, so looking a little bit in the future but I will definitely put an update on here after I get it to let everyone know how it worked for me! Thank you!

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