A Hidden Gem: Managing My Joint Pain

As you know if you follow me, I have been feeling great and continue to feel great! Being able to do and go all day long. Steroids are amazing! In that aspect at least. Since I am feeling better I have been looking at topics around social media and such that people have been reaching out to others for. One was joint pain and other was medications. Even though I am feeling better, I do have joint pains. Almost all the time, and sometimes worse than others. Many Crohn’s patients are prescribed medicine for this, one including opioids or narcotics. I was never given the option of this from any doctors I ever visited. Which now I realize is for the better. The pain can get bad but there are other options to manage it. Since we, Crohnies, are known to bleed.. Of course, ibuprofen, aspirin are not an option. And Tylenol and those types aren’t good for your liver over a long period of time. So what do we do? Well, I may have found a miracle worker. It is not an instant solution but it will do what we want it to, decrease this pain over time, in the long run. And it may also prevent further damage.

A couple years ago my dad was getting cortisone shots in his thumb because of an injury from work, he is a general contractor. He was scheduled for surgery on it, which could potentially ruin his career. Hands are a vital part of his job. Someone had suggested Imageglucosamine and chondroitin. Well, to think a little supplement would help this big problem was kind of far fetched but he decided to try it. Want to know what happened next? He cancelled his surgery! It worked! His joint wasn’t bothering him at all anymore. It was almost a miracle!

So, with this information I decided to try it out for myself. Experiment a little bit. It is a supplement so it is naturally occurring in the body. I figured it couldn’t hurt. All my life I have had the achiest knees, hips, and ankles to the point where some days it was a struggle to walk.. The joint pain is also affecting my back now on top of my herniated disk. And I know this was from the Crohn’s and all of the medication I’ve been on. The prednisone especially, as it causes bone degeneration (which I have in my spine). My doctor told me I should hands down be taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement at my age with my history. So.. here we go. I know taking pills is the biggest hassle in the world, and I’m saying this from experience. At times in my life taking up to fifteen pills a day. And feeling like an old lady with my pill organizer. But, I didn’t realize the difference this would make. Pairing up a tasty either fruity gummy or chocolate chewable calcium supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin, my joint pain was disappearing! I was even back in the gym. WOW was I amazed! The best brand to buy for the glucosamine and chondroitin is Osteo BiFlex. I’ve found asking other people and for myself it works the best.

Now, you are not going to get immediate results.. But overtime, as did mine, you should see a little bit of improvement. I’m not saying this is going to work for everyone but if I could save one person from going through this joint pain by reading this it would be worth it because it can make you miserable.

These other pain medications are not something to mess with. They actually cause rebound pain, and a medication used often for Crohn’s pain management you all I’m sure are familiar with is dilaudid. I learned quick after being on this with kidney stones that it causes rebound ABDOMINAL pain. The attending doctor at the hospital sat down and had a long conversation with me about it. He told me this was not a good type pain management. And I thought about it.. He was right, why treat your pain with more pain? It doesn’t make sense. These also mess with the chemicals in your brain. Which people don’t understand.. they don’t realize a lot the cause for depression, anxiety, anger, is actually being caused by a pill. So then they go to the doctor and add another pill to ‘fix’ or I like to say mask something else. Which is the last thing you need. When taking dilaudid I found myself crying myself to sleep, having violent thoughts, and a bunch of craziness was going on in my mind. It was not good. I know if my pain was so bad my doctor would never tell me I couldn’t have something but he is very good with explaining and educating me on options and the affects these meds have LONG TERM. Educate yourself and look up the different options.

I haven’t known a lot of Crohn’s patients to try this but it was a pretty good solution for me. It is definitely worth a try! It also provides a benefit to your body by blocking certain enzymes that attack the joint. So, next time your doctor offers you heavy duty pain meds, take a second and think about it! Joint pain is a huge issue for Crohnies, I just want to get some new ways to manage it out there and different options for treating it. Be aware of the medications your taking and every single side affect listed. It may not affect you right now, but I promise you it will later in life!


Let me know what you think! :)

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