From the outside looking in. The things I wish you remembered…or knew.

I couldn’t relate more to this post. I think about every one of these thoughts every day of my life. Noone truly understands unless they experience it, or live with someone experiencing it.. and sometimes not even living with that person does how we really feel justice. This is simply, perfectly put.

gut-wrenching truth about crohns

girls looking in

I read many blogs lately in regards to people with chronic illness and things people say ignorantly, to say it bluntly. Yes, even friends say ignorant things sometimes. In many cases, we (with chronic illness) may not share the gritty details with our friends at all. Or we may share some things with a few, or we may share it all with a select few. In my case, I share EVERYTHING with one of my best friends from college who was also my roommate and took me to the ER many times. The other person I share EVERYTHING with is my mom. The rest of people I know, get the not so embarrassing details. Nonetheless, people forget that chronic illness is an ongoing thing and don’t realize what it’s like to be us.

Here are a few things I wish my friends and family remembered about living with a chronic…

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