I just wanted to write this post apologizing for all of the people I offended. If you didn’t read my last post completely disregard this. But, I am entitled to an opinion as well as all of you. My opinion wasn’t to prove something or tell people you can’t be clinically diagnosed with a mental illness, but to more over acknowledge the abuse of a lot of this stuff and what it can do to your brain by my experiences. I by no means wanted to offend anyone. To all of you people telling me I am uneducated, you are right. But it is my opinion and it wasn’t meant or needed to be educated. What I mean by that is the abuse is clear now a days to a person constantly in the medical field and it irks me. So I guess I just needed to word myself better about the whole thing. I’m no doctor or mental health person but the abuse is clear and in my opinion too many people resort to medications. That’s all it was about. Not to offend anyone, but I deleted it because other people opinions were a little more important than my blog. I’m not under mining any person’s clinical diagnosis, that wasn’t my point. I didn’t have those intentions. So that’s that. I apologize.


And just to put this in here, this is a blog.. I write as I think and my grammar is not always good, I sometimes go back and fix but sometimes I don’t so you all can look past it lol.

One thought on “Sorry.

  1. You should not have to apologize for your opinion , people who don’t agree don’t seem to be apologizing for their thought or opinion . Some will agree some will not ,and for those who are offended that’s just YOUR opinion !!!

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