Bio: I'm 26 years old and have a difficult case of Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed at age 13 and have been on pretty much every med in the book. I am a very active person and also have a small obsession with my dogs 🙂 I love reaching out to people my age to share my story and hopefully inspire some fellow Crohnie's along the way! I try to spread the message that this isn't a journey you're traveling alone! -xoMichelle

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  1. Stay strong, keep smiling, and tell your story. You are inspirational. Encourage everyone to stay as optimistic as you are about life. Make a difference one day at a time. Virtual hugs? Yeah, you deserve them. \ 🙂 /

  2. Hey girl, stumbled across your blog and just thought I’d say hi as a fellow young IBD sufferer. I know how difficult it is to find young people to relate to, and although I’m from the UK, you can always chat to me if you’re sad or bored. Hope all is well! ❤ xx

    • Hi! It’s awesome to find people to relate to, well not awesome that we have this but you know haha. Thank you so much! If you ever need to talk or anything that’s what we’re all here for 🙂 Hope all is well over there too!

  3. Hi Michelle! My name is Cameron and I had a quick question for you and was wondering if you could please email me when you have a free moment? Thanks! I greatly appreciate it! 🙂 cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com

  4. Hey Michelle,
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and have been on 80mg of prednisone for a couple of months now. Reading your blog and learning that you are also in nursing school has been a true inspiration to myself, and has been a little motivator to keep going. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this blog about your journey with Chrohns, it truly means a lot.

    • I dont know why I am just seeing this post but thank you so much for the kind words!! I love hearing that my writing here affects people, its really nice to have people to relate to! Good luck in nursing school 🙂

  5. Michelle – I have a 22 yr old daughter who has had a very similar experience as yours with Crohn’s since she was 11. Very, very difficult. She tried everything with some success occasionally (prednisone, Humira, Flagyl, Cipro, Cimzia, Remicade (only one that worked for awhile) , Uceris, etc. A blockage last year finally required surgery in March. She went through 3 months of TPN to quiet her colon. Surgery went well, and removed a lot of the Crohn’s. Started on Uceris again, but then in July started on off label Stelara. It’s used for severe psoriasis, but has shown some success. For my daughter it has done really well, and the combination of TPN, surgery, and Stelara has her in the best shape she has been for years. Stelara has a different way of working than the other drugs. If you want any more details, you can email me. Good luck and stay positive. There is always another drug coming on and I personally hope they find a way to genetically turn this disease off.

    • It’s a long hard road but glad to hear her surgery helped along with the other medications! I have actually been on Stelara as well, about a year or two ago I tried it in combination therapy and my doctor didn’t like the results when he scoped me. Thankfully I have access to a lot of different medications because my doctor is very much involved in the research part of it all. Thank you though, it’s always nice to hear other people’s stories and what’s worked for them. We can only hope they’ll find a cure!

  6. Sorry to hear it didn’t work. We always talk about the fact that everyday brings us more options and the possibility of someone finding a cure. We’re using Methodist Hospital in Houston and they also have several trials going. All the best for you.

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