Fall Down, Get Back Up.

Days like this make you appreciate the good days. The frustration of feeling like crap all the time lately is really getting to me. Anxiety of not being able to go anywhere unless there is a bathroom within running distance -__- All of it that we deal with daily has just been magnified lately. Oh, and by the way some ofIMG_1006 you that follow my blog. I did end up getting kicked out of school even after going all the way to the top. At least the President of the school had some sympathy for me, thankfully he let us have some peace in all of this. I just want to give a quick shout out to the Director of Nursing and Dean of Health at STCC for making my life a living hell for two and a half weeks, threatening me via email/letter, along telling me to consider a new profession. (I’m still a little bitter) But anyways, I’m no longer attending nursing school this year, talk about a knife to the stomach. Literally, the stress sent me into a bigger flare than I was already in. But hey, that’s what this life is all about isn’t it. You fall down, you get back up. Everything happens for a reason.

Working my two part time jobs is about all I have in me to do. And yes, I feel like a piece of crap sometimes to the people around me. I feel we (us, Crohnies) often get labeled as “lazy” or “unmotivated” but what a lot of people don’t understand is the strength it takes to get through the day and still keep a smile on our face while doing it. Pain medication has almost become a daily thing now, which I hate, just so I can get through dinner with friends, getting out of the house, etc. But that shit (excuse my French) takes a lot out of you and also makes me pretty emotional.. More than your average girl on her period lol Speaking of periods, being in a flare and having your period at the same time is I think one of the worst things I’ve experienced. Thankfully I’m on birth control where I only have to experience this every three months hah God bless you ladies with complicated Crohn’s cases that get your period every month. I feel for you.

Since my colonoscopy my doctor has changed my whole medication regimen. I came off of the Entyvio and prednisone (thank the Lord). I am now on Uceris, Methotrexate, and Humira… Again. This is my second time on Methotrexate and my third time on Humira. I’ve never taken them together though so hopefully this is the lucky combination. I had a meeting today with my Humira Advocate and after she left I was thinking to myself: “Okay, I’ve had Crohn’s now for over 10 years and in the past 6 of those 10 I have never been in complete remission but I’ve been close to it for a total of maybe 6 months”. That’s kind of craziness. I have hope though that something will work, sooner than later.FullSizeRender (8)

With no cure, that’s all that gets us through this disease is hope. At this point my biggest hope is that these side effects don’t throw me over the edge and have to come off of the med like every other time. I’ve always said with Crohn’s, any other disease, or in a perfectly healthy person: life is quality, not quantity. Even though a lot of the time my quality of life is pretty shitty, the days that it’s good makes it that much better. You don’t know if you’ll be here tomorrow so do what makes you happy and feel good at that time and place. Don’t worry about what other people think, keep that smile on and do you.



Keep on Smiling, Crohnie’s!

ImageSo another update on how my treatment is going.. I’m feeling really good tonight. In all aspects: physically, emotionally, and mentally. I actually feel great. My mom took my IV out tonight and I’m FREEEE! 😀

The prednisone did its job like it always does. Now I just have to keep up with my dose on oral meds. Kind of sucks though because I just started getting moon face; if you’ve ever taken prednisone you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. That’s the only frustrating part, but hey I’d take feeling better right now over anything! And something interesting, I have a herniated disk in my back which I’ve mentioned before if you’re a returning reader, but being on such a high dose of prednisone via IV has actually helped my pain. I’m planning on getting my butt back in the gym tomorrow! I’m so excited! Bought some hot new pink leggings just for the occasion 🙂


Feeling better has really brought some zest back into my life. Even though it’s only been a coupleImage days of feeling good you really learn to appreciate these times the most. With this unpredictable disease we have constant sudden ups and down. Never take one of those days of feeling good for granted. I know I don’t. I get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and can see myself glow at the start of a good day. I’m not a depressed person and never have been. Yeah we go through bouts of depressing times but you need to learn to cope with it. Life gives you lemons, squeeze those suckers and make some lemonade. Climb to the top of that mountain and overcome it. It will get better.


I talked to the doctor that is running the fecal transplant trial in Boston the other day and he told me I am most likely going to be entered into the study because it looks like I will qualify! I have high hopes that this could help me in the long run. It will be a rough month of several trips and testing done in Boston (2 hours away from my home) but hopefully it’ll be worth it. You get to the point you will do Imageanything to have a couple weeks or months of feeling good.

My head right now is in a really good place. I haven’t looked at myself in a while and thought “I look good” because I felt so sick. I’m finally getting my confidence up again and putting that big smile back on my face! Despite the IV I had stuck in my arm, I went out Saturday night with my girlfriends and had a blast dancing for a lot of the night. I haven’t had that much energy in a while. Yes, it didn’t last long but to even be able to go out and do that is amazing for me!

Took my trazadone tonight so I’m dozing off, just wanted to update you and tell all you Crohnies out there keep on smiling! 🙂